Business Mentor Program

Mentoring / Advisory for Startups & Early Stage Companies

The Business Mentor Program has been designed especially for Startups and Early Stage companies and packaged into
activity specific milestones.

There are 5 modules available for the organization to select

Module                                                         Package/Duration 


-Plan Mentor                                               48 hours/90 days 
-Launch Mentor                                         96 hours/180 days
-Growth Mentor                                         144 hours/365 days
-Change Mentor                                         96 hours/180 days
-Innovation Mentor                                   96 hours/180 days

For more details please call +91-98450-27418 or write to for more details.

Mentored / Advisory Impact

Our Mentored Advisory Model helps Startups and Early Stage businesses get expert help on call and at a low cost and risk. Some of the areas where this can create a significant impact are -

- Validate a biz plan / value proposition / biz model
- Create a choice of financial models for the business
- Validate segmentation strategy
- Check market viability & competitive dynamics
- Develop a price discovery method
- Create / validate the market structure
- Build and enhance brand, social and aesthetic capital
- Develop and nurture talent 

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