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That's true no matter what you're using to burn the disc. Or you could go through the same process, but replace XP with the Windows 7 version you want to install. Once the DVD is finished burning, you just pop it into the DVD player and it will begin installing the right version of Windows 7 to your computer. If you want to use your current Windows 7 DVD as a step toward creating a DVD of another version of Windows 7, you can do that, too. But there's a catch. You need to take the DVD that you're currently using, create a new DVD, and then add the new DVD to your software. Fortunately, that's easy. # "Couldn't find any disc drives" or "DVD drive not found" errors If you're trying to create a DVD from a current version of Windows 7 but you receive a message along the lines of "Couldn't find any disc drives," or "DVD drive not found," the most likely explanation is that you're not burning the DVD from the right drive. If you're using a DVD-RW disc, the disc needs to be in your DVD drive. (See Figure 11-2.") for a quick reference to what the DVD drive may look like on your computer.) If you can't see any optical drives on your computer (or if your computer's DVD drive is disabled), you may have to get it repaired or replaced. **Figure 11-2:** The disc is inserted into the DVD drive and the burner is selected. The big question is whether you can burn a DVD-RW disc while it's in the drive. Technically, you can. But it can be a pain. For example, if you're going to create a blank DVD, you need to create a blank DVD disc. The blank DVD disc is created by using your DVD burner's _single layer_ feature. That feature means that you only create a blank layer of the disc. With a DVD-RW disc, the disc has a total of two layers. By using the double-layer feature, you end up creating a _double layer_ disc, which means that you have two layers of the disc. It's like creating two discs at once. The problem is that if you burn a disc with your DVD burner, and then immediately change the setting to create a double-layer disc, your disc won't read. You're creating a disc with the double-layer feature selected, and the




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KMSpico V10.0.1 Stable Install Edition Free Download ingall

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