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The Future of Work


Work Scope, Work Locations, Work Patterns are rapidly changing as we shift from a technology to a knowledge society.


Many organizations are working on finding new meaning to their organizations, work cultures and designing work and workplaces around people not procedures and rules.

Semco Style Framework has 5 principles and 15
pillars and several implementation tools.

What is Semco Style?


Semco Style is a common-sense based democratic management framework that is best suited for the information age we live in.


It believes in organizing wisely around people instead of smartly around processes and structures. Semco Style organizations treat adults as adults, put people above procedures and see individual freedom & self-interest as the basis of collective alignment.


It first came into being in 1980, when a 21-year old Ricardo Semler took over the Semco Group, a mixer and agitator manufacturer, from his father.


He went about democratizing the company, turning the old corporate hierarchy on its head by delegating as much decision power to the workforce as possible. In 20 years’ time, he grew the company from 90 to 3000 workers and from $4 million dollars to $212 million dollars in annual revenue - with an employee turnover of only 2%.


Over the years, Semler has fine-tuned this management approach and strengthened it with a theoretical foundation to create the ‘Semco Style’ of organizing. Semco Style builds on five pivotal principles that form the basis for more than 100 powerful practices.

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