We are a professional services firm offering select expertise to assist organizations stay competitive, contemporary, market relevant, compliant, and vigilant.


Our services are offered through Virtual and On-premise models depending on the client need, budget and scope. Click on the following icons to get more information on our offerings. 

For more details, please write to us on reachus@siiplconsulting.com 

Our Vision

We Ignite organizations and Inspire People to achieve key goals and consistent outcomes to create and enhance enterprise, financial, intellectual, aesthetic and social capital.

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Virtual Finance Back Office Services
Retail Audits & Assurance Services
Management Consulting Services - Semco Style
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Virtual Finance Back Office 

Finance KPO Services

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Retail Audits & Assurance 

Stores, Warehouse, Supply Chain, Functional & Corporate Internal Audits

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Semco Style

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Why Choose Us?

The Road Less travelled

We will walk down that unknown path with you as ideas, concepts and strategies are truly tested when put into action and outcomes achieved...

Imperfect is Perfect

Human beings are creative and imperfect - we believe that it takes a few iterations to get perfection - we say it and we do it!

Aptitude and Attitude

These are our two companions on any client engagement so we are OK to game on and challenge any status quo to get that critical breakthrough...

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