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Transform your Business
through the
'Strategic Ignite' Program


We are pleased to present an innovative program for organizations that we have created and perfected over the years to facilitate launch, growth, change, diversification and restructuring of businesses.The program is designed around 1 workshop, 5 core modules and a 6 or 12 month deployment cycle.

Track 1 - Build / validate strategy

Visioning and Discovery  


This workshops focuses on creating and connecting the business, financial, process and people model for the business, creating a perspective plan for 5 years and an operating cum activity plan as well as a decision matrix for 12 months.


Track 2 - Work Modules implementations

Business Module - This module focuses on 5 core areas - Customers, Markets, Sales, Product lines and Marketing and also considers creative or disruptive innovation.

People Module - This module focuses on 5 core areas - Culture, Leadership, Competencies, Performance and Motivators as specific change interventions.

Process Module - This module focuses on 5 core areas - Process modeling, Standard Operating Procedures, Process audits, Process controls & Process Quality.

Finance Module - This module focuses on 5 core areas - Financial modeling, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Financial Analysis.

Technology Module - This module focuses on 5 core areas - Business Architecture, Technology Selection, Project Management, Requirements Specification, User Acceptance.

Review milestones

We review our work with clients on an ongoing basis and track it through fortnightly or monthly trackers. 

Track 3 - Integration of work modules into Operations

Integration into Operations is the final check of system maturity of people and process to perform consistently and deliver results - this is an equally crucial track where in mentoring and coaching plays an important role along with strong review mechanics and data analytics. 



Transform your People
through the
'Strategic Aspire' Program


We are pleased to present modular programs for organizations that has been created and perfected over several client engagements. Our dedicated division that is focused on People Transformation is called Tattva-Q Life Labs (www.tattvaq.org)


For Organizations / Employees, we offer the following interventions and labs -


- TQ Orgn. Culture Transformation Assement & Lab
- TQ Infinite Leadership Program 
- TQ Personal Effectiveness Program
- TQ Awakeing Self Discovery Lab for Corporates
- TQ EAP Program

- TQ Professional Seminars 

For Institutions / Students, we offer the following programs and labs primarily on Life Skills -

- TQ Faculty Development Program 
- TQ Life Skills for Students 


For Individuals / Families, we offer the following interventions and labs -

- TQ Life Skills for Individuals & Families
- TQ Awakening Self Development Lab 
- TQ Helpline for Emotional Wellness

All the programs are designed in house and are highly experiential in nature - the primary outcome is to promote happiness, success and learning orientation amongst people. 

Support Process - Provided through Online webinars, self learning videos, coaching interventions and assessments.

No one succeeds without effort.....those who succeed owe their success to perseverance....
Ramana Maharishi

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