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About us

Strategic Interventions was incorporated in 2003 at Bangalore as a Management Consulting firm. We expanded our activities into Management Audits from 2013.

Strategic is led by first generation entrepreneurs and a team of professional partners.

Our Vision


We Ignite organizations and Inspire People to achieve key goals and consistent outcomes.

Our efforts result ​in creating & enhancing enterprise, financial, intellectual, aesthetic and social capital.

Our Purpose

Leverage Advisory Capital to add value to business and people outcomes.

Complement and augment clients’ efforts, knowledge and skill through innovation, creativity, research and partnering in a true spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Love        

  • Trust

  • Integrity 

  • Empathy

  • Teamwork

  • Innovation

  • Creativity

Our Client Promise

  • Client Relationships Are Our Most Important Asset.

  • Our Client Relationships Are Based On Trust, Ethics & 

  • Transparent Business Practices.

  • We Are Dependable, Open And Accountable.

  • We Will Always Go That Extra Mile For Our Clients.

  • We Value Clients’ Time, Money And Intellectual Property

Our Beliefs

  • Listen And Empathize With People.

  • When In Doubt, Question, Ask Or Reach Out

  • Change Is Constant So Challenge And Innovate.

  • Learn And Build Knowledge Assets Every Day.

  • Value Diversity – Acknowledge Others’ Views.

  • Nurture People To Full Potential.

  • Help Create Wealth. Earn And Reward Yourself.

  • Be Entrepreneurial. Take Risks.

  • Enjoy What You Do. Celebrate Success.

  • Help Those Less Privileged.

  • Share & Show That You Care.

Our Work Philosophy

We have a certain work DNA of how we engage with our clients and this is something we believe is important to share with our clients and stakeholders.

The work philosophy for us is based on how we engage with various stakeholders and the values & belief system that works for us and the stakeholder group.



Vidya Yedavalli

Director | Head Audits & VFBO

32+ years experience

Finance & Audit Expert

Ex Shoppers Stop,  Nuance, Apollo


Ranganath Iyengar CMC

Director | Head Consulting

34+ years experience

Strategy & Technology Expert

Ex HP ,  ITC, Think Harbor

Ashok B.png

CA Ashok Bhansali

Partner | Virtual CFO, Pune

37+ years experience

Strategic Finance, Tax & Treasury

Ex Bajaj Auto, Firodias, Aicumen Tech


Balkishan Chandak

Partner | Virtual CFO Mumbai

37+ years experience

Human Capital

Ex TCS, Silverline


Shivakumar N

Head Audits & Assurance

21+ years experience

Audits, Assurance, Legal
Ex India Bulls 


Vipul Kukreja

Partner | Advisor & Coach, Mumbai

37+ years experience

Human Capital

Ex TCS, Mafatlal, Silverline


Sanjay R M

Partner | Advisor 

27+ years experience

Strategy, Marketing & Sales

Ex Marubeni, IDA Singapore


Sandip Poddar

Partner | Advisor 

27+ years experience

Financial Analysis & Research

Ex Sutherland, UBS, Taib Capital


CA Kuladeep Anabolu

Audit Principal, Hyderabad

12+ years experience

Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance
Ex Haribhakti & Co, Thomson Reuters


Srinivas Prativadi

Partner | Advisor 

27+ years experience

Marketing, Branding, Advertising
O&M, Lowe

CA Institute.jpg

CA Shyama Prasad

Audit Principal, Vijayawada

35+ years experience

Taxation, Audits, Compliance

CA Practice 

CA Institute.jpg

CA H N Viswanatha

Audit Principal, Bengaluru

35+ years experience

Taxation, Audits, Compliance

CA Practice 

  • Say what you do. Do what you say

  • Be in integrity with our values

  • Keep our everyday promises

  • Go that extra mile

  • Focus on the outcome 

  • Be in integrity with our values

  • Teamwork is key to success

  • Learn and share everyday

  • When in doubt, ask for clarity

  • Respect yourself and others. Always.

  • Be in integrity with our values

  • Teamwork is key to success

  • Respect yourself and others. Always.

  • Learn from others 

  • Always be true to your words and actions

Our employees are part of various professional
institutions such as 

  • Institute of Management Consultants of India

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association

  • Open Compliance and Ethics Group

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India

  • Institute of Cost Accountants of India

  • Institute of Internal Auditors

  • International Institute of Business Analysis

  • Semco Style Institute 

Professional Affiliations
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