Startups and Early Stage Companies

We offer the following services for Startups and Early Stage companies -

- Bookkeeping and Monthly MIS
- Compliance computation and documentation
(Taxes, Labor, Statutory)
- ROC, Labor and Commercial Compliance
- Commercial Policies and Procedures, Decisions
- Working Capital and Investment Planning
- Payroll Processing
- Business Mentoring and Coaching

Proprieterships and Professionals

We offer the following services to Proprieterships and Professionals

- Bookkeeping and Monthly MIS
- Account Receivables and Payables Reconciliation
- Statutory Compliance and Taxation
- ROC, Labor, Statutory and Business Compliance
- Tax Preparation and Filing
- Internal Audits
- Stock and Asset Audits
- Investor / Bank Reporting
- Annual budgeting and planning
- Business Mentoring and Coaching

MSMEs and SMEs

We offer the following Services to MSMEs and SMEs

- Virtual Finance Back Office Services
- Virtual CFO Services
- Transfer Pricing Advisory
- Business Strategy Advisory
- Audits and Asssurance Services
- Human Capital Programs
- Semco Style / Agile Consulting
- Management Development Programs
- Financial and Commercial Systems Implementation
- Protection of Intellectual Property

Mid to Large Enterprises

We offer the following services to Mid to Lare Enterprises - Virtual Finance Back Office
- Virtual CFO Services
- Audits and Assurance Services
- Transfer Pricing Advisory
- Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
- Professional Services - CA/CS/CMA/Legal
- Business Strategy Advisory
- Semco Style / Agile Consulting
- Leadership and Management Development
- Human Capital Services
- Data Valuation Services

Foreign Enterprises

- India Entry Strategy and Market Research
- Company Registration in India
- Virtual Finance and Legal Back Office
- Virtual CFO Services
- Supply Chain Selection and Compliance
- Management Oversight for India Offices
- Management Audits
- Transfer Pricing Advisory
- IFRS / IndAS reporting and compliance
- Data Governance, Privacy and Security Compliance