Virtual Finance Back Office

Packages offered

Virtual CFO Services

The Chief Finance Controller (CFO) is a vital member of any leadership team facilitating important financial decisions for an organization. Our team of Outsourced / Virtual CFOs are experieced in Finance, Business and Technology domains. They facilitate clients' taking insightful and timely decisions on various financial aspects of a business.

Software - Smart Task (Workflow, Project Tracking, Scheduling), Nexcloud (Secure and Encypted Data Exchange)

Virtual / Outsourced CFO Services scope -

- Planning & Budgeting
- Treasury and Fund Management
- Investment and Investor Management
- Financial Reporting and Analysis
- Risk management and Controls
- Statutory Compliance
- Corporate Governance
- Master Data Management

Virtual / Outsourced CFO Services special project scope -

- ESOP programs
- Pre-IPO preparation
- Mergers & Acquisition support
- Project Budgeting and Control

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Accurate financial records are essential to any business as a going concern and several organizations regardless of size are willing to engage Outsourced Accounting services (Outsourced Bookkeeping Services).

Our Virtual Bookkeeping services ensure timely creation, updation, reconciliation, reporting, analysis and archival of all key information related to financial, statutory, contractual, pricing, costing, clients, employees, and other key stakeholders.

Our Smart Accountants are trained to provide online cloud based outsourced
bookkeeping services on any mainstream accounting software of your choice.

Software - Tally ERP 9, Zoho Finance, Intuit Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP FICO or a cloud based software of your choice.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services Scope -

- Optimize chart of accounts
- Check / Reconcile input data
- Accounts Payable (AP) outsourcing
- Accounts Receivable (AR) outsourcing
- Asset Accounting
- Statutory Payments Computation / Reconciliation
- Payroll Processing
- Finalization of Accounts
- Monthly MIS preparation
- End of year financial rollover data reconciliation / archival

Virtual HR and Payroll Services

HR and Payroll accuracy go a long way in keeping your workforce happy and motivated. Our Virtual HR and Payroll Services can help in running your payroll and Employee T&E services in an accurate and timely manner and ensure HR records and communication are compliant and up to date. Our helpdesk supports answering employee queries by email, phone or chat.

Software - Smart Task (Workflow and Scheduling), GreytHR or a HR/Payroll software of your choice.

Virtual HR and Payroll Services Scope -

- Processing of monthly Pay Register
- Processing of payroll advice for bank
- Processing of payslips
- Leave card updation
- Employee record updation
- Updation of employee assets
- Updation of employee joining / exit records
- HR and Payroll MIS

Statutory and Business Compliance Services

Our Virtual Statutory and Business Compliance Services support the Finance, Audit and Assurance functions by ensuring timely and accurate computation of statutory payments, regular reconciliation of statutory reports filed with various business stakeholders groups within and outside the business, identify changes required to comply with changes in laws and provide legal guidance on any non-compliances through our professional services partners.

Software - Smart Task (Workflow, Scheduling), Aparajitha Compfie

Statutory and Business Compliance Services Scope -

- Company Registration
- Computation of Direct / Indirect Taxes
- Reconciliation of Direct / Indirect Taxes
- Statutory Compliance verification
- Labor Compliance verification
- Reconciliation of Purchases
- Reconciliation of Expenses
- Reconciliation of Vendor Payments / Payables
- Statutory Audits*
- ROC Compliance*
- Secretarial Audits*
* Done by our CA / CS Partners

Virtual Finance and Audit Analytics Scope

Financial decisions today are based on a larger range of parameters taking into account the business environment, laws, competition and internal resources. Our team of Virtual Finance and Audit Analysts who are industry trained and experienced help clients develop models and frameworks to organize, analyze and interpret Finance and Assurance / Audit data to improve business efficiency, throughput, margins and results. Software - Smart Task (Workflow and Scheduling), Microsoft BI, KNIME Virtual Finance and Audit Analytics Services Scope - - Capital Allocation
- Project Financial Analysis
- KPI Definition / Analysis
- Enterprise Reporting
- Compensation / Payroll Analysis
- Supply Chain Analysis
- Cost Analysis
- Channel Analysis
- Regulatory Analysis
- M&A Analysis

Professional Services - CA/CS/CMA/Legal

Professional Services for Finance, Governance, Costing and Legal requirements are a regular need for today's businesses to comply with laws, manage risks, ensure integrity of documentation and reporting and liaise with government agencies and institutions as required. Additionally specialist advisory is also sought on matters concerning solvency, consolidation, mergers, acquisitions, valuation etc. Our curated network of CA, CS, CMA and Legal professionals is offered as a single window service to our clients across key metro and non metro locations in India to optimize service response, cost and oversight. Software - Smart Task (Workflow and Scheduling), Aparajitha Compfie (Compliance) Professional Services Scope - - Statutory Audits
- Tax Audits
- Cost Audits
- CA/ CS Certifications
- Financial and Asset Valuation
- Investigation of Financial Position
- Execution of Will and Trusts
- Secretarial Audits
- Advisors to a Public Issue
- Advisory on Mergers, Amalgamations, Reconstructions, Takeovers
- Arbitration and Representation
- Legal Documentation