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Virtual Finance Back Office

Packages offered
  • What is the concept behind VFBO?
    VFBO or Vitrual Finance Back Office is a single window service that helps business owners / entrepreneurs delegate/outsource parts of the finance function where they do not have internal capability or skills for greater efficiency on results and outcomes. VFBO offers services for Accounting, Auditing, Virtual CFO, Compliance, Financial Analytics and Research.
  • What is Outsourced / Virtual CFO Service?
    Outsourced / Virtual CFO service is beneficial to companies that require part time expert adivisory on various aspects of Finance. Our Virtual CFO services consist of in house and exmapaneled experts in areas like Taxation, Planning, Budgeting, Treasury, Financial Analysis, Risk, Assurance and Audits, Statutory / Business / Legal compliance etc. offered at a cost competitive service model.
  • Where is your back office located?
    Our primary back office is located at Bangalore. We have hub / field offices of our partners across various metro city locations.
  • Is my data confidential on VFBO platform?
    Data confidentiality, privacy, security is maintained on VFBO through various initiatives and tools. Our data management app segregates data folders for each client with restricted access only to group members nominated by the client or us. The primary transaction folders for each client are hosted on a secure cloud and can be backed up securely by the client through a simple procedure. All processing software are client licenses and are accessed only for data entry, processing and reporting as per login rights given by clients. Data is hosted by us in India ensuring Data residency norms. Our workflow app also allows for client specific groups for collaboration, project management, task management, workflow management, calendaring, scheduling and reporting with restricted access only to designated members.
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