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Infinite Leadership

What is leadership?

Leadership is about channelizing one's strengths, persona and identity coupled with a deep intent and desire to make a powerful personal change and the ability, courage and wisdom to transform others in a purposeful manner.

The Leadership Journey

I believe that "everyone is born a leader" - realization and inner awareness of a higher calling pushes our nascent talent through a deep personal transformation that unleashes the extraordinary potential of a leader within us.

So, how does one 'begin and undertake the leadership journey? - The journey begins with igniting the true core and emergence of a "torch bearer" as the leader's persona and style becomes visible to others.

The Infinite Leader

Leaders have many situations to use their talent, ability, tenacity and foresight. Hence since the possibilities are endless, it is more appropriate to think of a Leader as an Infinite Leader. However, at the core of every Infinite leader lies a set of core values, beliefs and practices in which the leader is always grounded - we can think of this as the Leader's personal Leadership system.

Broadly, there are four operating directions for the leader where he / she would constantly unlearn, learn and engage. I like to call it the Leadership Pathway - the four pillars are the "I" or self pillar, the "U" or others pillar, the "O" or organization pillar and the "E" or environment pillar.

In each of these pillars, lies a set of core foundation competencies to be developed and worked upon for the leader to succeed. These competencies are so fundamental that not even one can be left out. So what are these competencies? Well, that is perhaps beyond the scope of this blog as each reader may have their personal preferences.

How long does it take to become an Infinite leader

In my coaching and facilitation experience, it is important to engage with a continuous learning process to develop the foundation skills and competencies and the process can take anywhere between 6-12 months for a dedicated person with a set of interventions that can include personal transformation sessions, work context engagement & practice, coaching, learning projects to test the skills & competencies, mentoring and some feedback.

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